Философское антиковедение и классическая традиция Том 3 Выпуск 2 2009

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The second issue of this volume contains six original articles and two translations of classical texts. These materials are prepared by the participants of the international interdisciplinary seminar “Teaching Classics. Fundamental Values in the Changing World”, organized by the Centre for Ancient Philosophy and the Classical Tradition (Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk area, Russia) and supported by the Open Society Institute, Budapest.2

The paper by Dominic O’Meara on the transformation of metaphysics in late Antiquity is partially based on his lectures given at Summer 2008 school in Novosibirsk; an essay on Number in the Philebus is inspired by a reading class on the dialogue, conducted at the same school by its author Andrey Shetnikov together with Svetlana Mesyats; Diogenes of Apollonia was discussed during 2009 Spring school; Androniki Kalogiratou presented her talk on Plotinus this summer; while a paper on Logos and logoi in Plotinus by Luc Brisson is prepared for the participants of the next school to take place in May 2010.

The introductory manual by Theon of Smyrna (ca. 70–ca. 135), a Greek mathematician, strongly influenced by the Pythagorean school of thought, published here in a new Russian translation, supplements the previous issue of the journal, entirely dedicated to the Neopythagoreans.

The next issue of the journal will be dedicated to the history of law and religion. We invite interested scholars to contribute papers and participate in one-day seminar on the subject planned in the beginning of May, 2010, in the framework of the Spring school. Texts and proposals for oral presentations are accepted until the end of February, 2010.

Finally I wish to express my gratitude to all my friend and colleagues for cooperation, advice and help and would like to remind that these and other relevant publications are available on-line at the following addresses: www.nsu.ru/classics/schole/ and www.elibraru.ru.

Е. А.

December 30, 2009

Akademgorodok, Russia

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